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jCanvas is licensed under the MIT license. This means you can use jCanvas for whatever purpose under two conditions:

You can read the full license on GitHub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bug Reports

If you are experiencing an issue with jCanvas, try updating jCanvas to the latest version before emailing me.

If you are emailing me to report a jCanvas bug, please include the following information:

Remember, the more you tell me, the more I can help. ;)



If you have any questions regarding jCanvas or have a bug report to submit, you can:

If you wish to extend jCanvas with your own methods, you can learn to do so using the Plugin API.

The jCanvas source is always publicly available on GitHub for your convenience.


If you would like to submit your jCanvas plugin to the public gallery, follow the procedure for submitting a plugin.

If you would like to submit your jCanvas project to the public gallery, please contact me with the following information:


Feel free to contact me about anything jCanvas-related. If you have a question, please ensure it isn't already answered in the Documentation.

Caleb Evans
Caleb Evans jCanvas Creator