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Binary Brancher Instructions

Binary Brancher allows you to build and manipulate binary trees

Adding Nodes

To add a node to the list, enter one or more values into the available input box. Once you have entered your values, press the Add button. The values will be added to the tree in the order they were listed. Values must be delimited by commas.

Accepted values must be either numbers or alphanumeric strings. However, you cannot have a tree containing both types (because you cannot compare the two types accurately).

Note that nodes are added and traversed in pre-order.

Removing Nodes

To remove a node from the list, enter its value into the input box and press the Remove button. You can also select the node first and then press Remove.

Selecting Nodes

To select a node, simply click/tap on it. To deselect a node, click/tap it again.

When selecting a node, its value will be added to the input box above the binary tree. Deselecting a node will remove its value from the input. This behavior makes selecting and removing multiple nodes at a time very easy.