Palomar Scheduler


Palomar Scheduler makes building your class schedule for Palomar College easy and intuitive.

When you choose a class schedule to view, Palomar Scheduler will load in all available courses. This process may take a few moments, but once complete, will allow you to search the schedule very quickly.


To search the schedule, type your query into the search box. Suggestions matching your query will appear under the search box. Pressing on any suggestion will use that suggestion as the new search query.

For convenience, you may also use the arrow keys and the Enter key to navigate and select search suggestions.

What can I search?

Section name
computer science
Course name
math 140
eng 100
biology 100
Course title
oral communication
Class number
Professor name
prof smith
prof smith a
prof p larson


Starring allows you to add classes to your tentative class schedule. To star a class, press the Star class icon next to any class.

To show your list of starred classes, click the Show Starred Classes control under the search box. To hide the list, click the control again (which will now read Hide Starred Classes).


Clicking the last name for any instructor will open a search for their name on