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Clear Canvas

This clearCanvas() clears all or any part of the canvas.

A note about layers

This method is not meant to be used if you are using the jCanvas Layer API, because the API handles redrawing for you in many cases, and so if you try to clear the canvas. your layers will eventually be redrawn by jCanvas when it deems necessary.

If you want to hide a layer temporarily, use setLayer() to set the layer’s visible property, then call drawLayers():

.setLayer('myLayerName', {
visible: false // set to true instead to show the layer again

If you want to remove a layer permanently, call removeLayer() followed by drawLayers():


Clear entire canvas

If nothing is passed, the entire canvas is cleared.


Clear a section

Clearing a section works in the same way as drawing a rectangle, with the rectangle being drawn from its center (by default).

fillStyle: '#000',
x: 200, y: 100,
width: 200, height: 100
x: 200, y: 100,
width: 50, height: 50