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Event API

jCanvas supports mouse and touch events for most drawings through the included Event API. Events are used in conjunction with the Layer API.

Binding Events

Any number of jCanvas events can be bound to any jCanvas layer.

The event property’s name is always the name of the event itself (click, mousedown, etc.). These properties should be defined in the object passed to the addLayer() method.

The value of this event property must be a function. This callback function also accepts one argument, which is the layer’s object of properties, as used below. Additionally, the this keyword refers to the canvas DOM element.

// Draw a green rectangle
layer: true,
fillStyle: '#6c0',
x: 100, y: 100,
width: 100, height: 80,
click: function (layer) {
// code to run when square is clicked

Trigger an event

You can also manually trigger an existing event or trigger a nonexisting event to create your own. To do so, use the triggerLayerEvent() method.

$('canvas').triggerLayerEvent('myLayer', 'click');
$('canvas').triggerLayerEvent('myLayer', 'resize');

Note that the triggerLayerEvent() method will trigger all defined event callbacks and event hooks for the given event.

Supported Methods

  • drawRect()
  • drawArc()
  • drawEllipse()
  • drawLine()
  • drawQuadratic()
  • drawBezier()
  • drawVector()
  • drawGraph()
  • drawPolygon()
  • drawImage()
  • drawText()

Supported Events

  • click
  • dblclick
  • mousedown
  • mouseup
  • mousemove
  • mouseover
  • mouseout
  • dragstart
  • drag
  • dragstop
  • touchstart
  • touchend
  • touchmove