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Event Properties

jCanvas supports a number of event-related properties which make the Event API more powerful and flexible.

The eventX and eventY properties

In any event callback, you have access to the layer’s eventX and eventY properties. These are the coordinates of the pointer (either mouse or finger) when the event fired.

In the following example, the closer you hover to the circle’s center, the more transparent it will become.

  layer: true,
  fillStyle: '#c33',
  x: 160, y: 200,
  radius: 100,
  mousemove: function(layer) {
    var distX, distY, dist;
    distX = layer.eventX - layer.x;
    distY = layer.eventY - layer.y;
    // the distance from the circle's center
    dist = Math.sqrt(Math.pow(distX, 2) + Math.pow(distY, 2));
    layer.opacity = dist / layer.radius;

The dx and dy properties.

In any drag-related event callback for a draggable layer, you have access to the layer’s dx and dy properties. These properties represent the change in the layer’s position when dragging.

That is, the larger the values are, the faster you are dragging the layer. Conversely, the smaller the values, the slower you are dragging. Also note that these values can be positive or negative depending on the direction of the drag.

In the following example, the opacity of the circle is determined by the speed at which you drag it; that is, the circle will become more faded the faster you drag it.

  layer: true,
  draggable: true,
  fillStyle: '#c33',
  x: 160, y: 160,
  radius: 50,
  mousemove: function(layer) {
    var delta = Math.sqrt(Math.pow(layer.dx, 2) + Math.pow(layer.dy, 2));
    if (delta !== 0) {
      layer.opacity = 1 / delta;

The cursors property

The cursors property is used to display a specific cursor when a particular layer event fires.

  layer: true,
  draggable: true,
  fillStyle: '#9cf',
  strokeStyle: '#000',
  strokeWidth: 2,
  x: 180, y: 100,
  text: 'Click here',
  fontFamily: 'Trebuchet MS',
  fontSize: 64,
  // Show pointer cursor on hover
  cursors: {
    // Show pointer on hover
    mouseover: 'pointer',
    // Show 'move' cursor on mousedown
    mousedown: 'move',
    // Revert cursor on mouseup
    mouseup: 'pointer'

jCanvas also adds the correct vendor prefix to a select few CSS3 cursors that require a vendor prefix. These cursor values include grab, grabbing, zoom-in, and zoom-out.

Please note that the cursor always reverts to its previous state when you mouse off the layer.

The intangible property

The intangible property essentially allows you to “click through” a layer as if it didn’t exist.

  layer: true,
  draggable: true,
  fillStyle: '#36c',
  x: 150, y: 150,
  radius: 50
  layer: true,
  draggable: true,
  // Slight transparency, just for fun
  opacity: 0.5,
  intangible: true,
  fillStyle: '#6c1',
  x: 100, y: 100,
  width: 100, height: 100
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